1. PMM# Tea Man With Tea Gum - Mr. Bin
    Tea Man With Tea Gum

  2. PMM# Buba Monopolskij - Records I Did Being Jailed
    Buba Monopolkij

  3. PMM# XV Parowek - 15 Hotdogs
    XV Parowek

  4. PMM# Odal - Megagrap aka tape for Monopolka

  5. PMM# Gastric Female Reflex - The REF
    Gastric Female Reflex

  6. PMM# Vluba - Arkarp

  7. PMM# Evil Moisture/DJ Bolus - Surgical Anus Klinik
    Evil Moisture

  8. PMM# Ultra Fuckers - Untitled
    Ultra Fuckers

  9. PMM# Kylie Minoise - God Love Kylie
    Kylie Minoise

  10. PMM# Post-Materialists - Death Letter From Outer Space

  11. PMM# Torturing Nurse - Coveryeye Is My Co-Pilots
    Torturing Nurse

  12. PMM# The Bidlo Foundation - Tape For Odal
    The Bidlo Foundation

  13. PMM# Evil Moisture - Floating Gums
    Evil Moisture

  14. PMM# Ryan Garbes - Living Ether
    Ryan Garbes

  15. PMM# Anla Courtis/Soviet Sex Machines - Split
    Anla Courtis/Soviet Sex Machines

  16. PMM# Dva Zagorodnyh Doma - Mir
    Dva Zagorodnyh Doma

  17. PMM# Gurdjieff - Mesoteric Cassette

  18. PMM# Post-Materialization Music Super-Pack

  19. PMM# Hanatarash - Eye Condom Cassex Assette

  20. PMM# Smell & Quim - Go Down To The Granny
    Smell & Quim

  21. PMM# Tilahun Gessesse - Self-titled
    Tilahun Gessesse

  22. PMM# Smegma - Self-titled

  23. PMM# Post-Materialists feat. Electro-Haram - Secret Eye Dub
    Post-Materialists feat. Electro-Haram

  24. PMM# Kinshasa Sex Machine - L'Afrique Noise Frustree
    Kinshasa Sex Machine

  25. PMM# Cat Hope - Yume
    Cat Hope

  26. PMM# Club Sound Witches - Hashram
    Club Sound Witches

  27. PMM# GX Jupitter-Larsen - Fire 25/26
    GX Jupitter-Larsen

  28. PMM# Post-Materialists/Gargamelek - "My Jazz - My Vibes"

  29. PMM# Son Of Salami - Bacon Street
    Son Of Salami


Post-Materialization Music Moscow, Russia

Experimental music label from Moscow, Russia. All sorts of dementia here and now.

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