1. PMM# CS33 Various - Two Dollar Hometaping Tape

  2. PMM# 103 Various - MAILBOMB (Lee Ranaldo/Evil Moisture/Ludo Mich, more+)

  3. PMM#202 Bill Nace - Live at Electric Eye
    Bill Nace

  4. PMM#101 Bill Nace & Sandy Ewen - Live
    Bill Nace & Sandy Ewen

  5. PMM# LC-11 Rural Tourniquet - Shortage Of Drugs To Carry Out An Execution
    Rural Tourniquet

  6. PMM# CS23 JGZSCH - Tape For PMM

  7. PMM# 50 Post-Materialists - s/t LP

  8. PMM#LC08 Blurt - Special Russian Tour Record

  9. PMM# LC-08 The Black Vomit - Black DaDa Nihilismus
    The Black Vomit

  10. PMM# EH03 Electro-Haram - The Emirate Of

  11. PMM#RA02 Dimpna B. Clarin with Habagat Singers - Saturn Tapes
    Dimpna B. Clarin

  12. PMM# CS19 Nurse With Wound - Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella
    Nurse With Wound

  13. PMM# CS30 Suckdog - Drugs Are Nice

  14. PMM# RT02 Various - From India To Siberia [PMM Folklore Mixtape]

  15. PMM#RA01 Le Sun Ra and His Cosmo Discipline Arkestra - Night in East Berlin
    Sun Ra

  16. PMM# LPD01 Legendary Pink Dots - Apparition
    The Legendary Pink Dots

  17. PMM#DF01 De Fabriek - Future Print
    De Fabriek

  18. PMM# AM22 Crazy Doberman/The Black Vomit - Split
    Crazy Doberman/The Black Vomit

  19. PMM# CS34 Russian Tsarlag - Going Blank
    Russian Tsarlag

  20. PMM# CS27 Blurt - Blurt + Singles

  21. PMM# CS26 Eugene Chadbourne - Fuck The Audio Evolution Network
    Eugene Chadbourne

  22. PMM# RT01 Tilahun Gessesse - With Walas Band
    Tilahun Gessesse

  23. PMM#SCG01 Sun City Girls - Pelican 92
    Sun City Girls

  24. PMM# BFC0102 Bad Fingerz Cellofano - Liquido migz y polymeric stinoret
    Bad Fingerz Cellofano

  25. PMM# CS15 The New Movement - Les Anti Preludes
    The New Movement

  26. PMM# CS-03 Ryan Garbes - Living Ether
    Ryan Garbes

  27. PMM#SM01 Smegma - 3P Jam/Live at HR

  28. PMM# CS02 GX Jupitter-Larsen - Fire 25/26
    GX Jupitter-Larsen

  29. PMM# CS01 Son Of Salami - Bacon Street
    Son Of Salami

  30. PMM# CS-07 Club Sound Witches - Hashram
    Club Sound Witches

  31. PMM# CS10 Evil Moisture - Floating Gums
    Evil Moisture

  32. PMM# LC-01 Bookwar - Obryv (Extended Version)

  33. PMM# EH01 Electro-Haram - In Da House

  34. PMM# VN03 Dva Zagorodnyh Doma - Mir
    Dva Zagorodnyh Doma

  35. PMM# VN02 Urody Pod Vodoi/Mars-69 - Split
    Urody Pod Vodoi/Mars-69

  36. PMM# EG27 Post-Materialists - Love

  37. PMM# CACK17 Post-Materialists - Post Pop

  38. PMM#RT07 Asian Women On The Telephone - AWOTT
    Asian Women on the Telephone

  39. PMM#MN-07 Ceramic Hobs - May Be Triggering
    Ceramic Hobs


Post-Materialization Music Saint Petersburg, Russia

Experimental/avant/jazz music label from St. Petersburg, Russia.

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